BBC Hereford and Worcester radio interview with Tammy Gooding

Had a chat with the lovely Tammy Gooding today on BBC Hereford and Worcester radio. Our track ‘Champagne’ is the BBC Introducing track of the week.

here’s the lyrics inspired by my wife Jayne who swears that she never touches the stuff – oh maybe just one glass………




dancing bubbles they’re so fizzy spin me ‘round and make me dizzy

it’s a party bring along some friends have a glass and it never ends


memories and celebrations one more excuse for more libations

long tall glasses let’s clink together I think we could be in heaven


don’t be brash and don’t be hasty just because you think I’m tasty

don’t think all girls are the same cause I just want to drink champagne


sparkles go down to the bottom one more glass see you’ve got ‘em

good times bad times whatever reason it’s always, always champagne season



pop the cork unleash those bubbles one more ‘chink’ forget your troubles

party, party, singing, dancing, champagne season kicks off romancing


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