Vintage Wurlitzer of Sounds

The original début album ‘against a brick wall’ was released in 2012.


12 tracks of guitar and piano based blues, jazz and vintage pop

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 Our second album ‘Contotallyfused’ is out on Charlie Bear Records.

another baker’s dozen of groovy swing and vintage pop with a tinge of soul and blues in the mix

cf album“Such is the vibrancy and cohesion here that you could be forgiven for thinking it was a live set. What better incentive, then, for catching the Indigos next time they’re in a town near you? And if they’re not playing near you,
move!” – Bob Sinfield jazz FM

“The Indigo Kings sure know how to kick-start an album. Jump Jive Daddy is a vertical take-off of an opening track, leaving
you just enough energy to enjoy what follows.
The feel of this collection is retro, on the face of it – but contemporary themes are fed into the lyrics, as in the office slavery
of Mouse Mat City (written from the heart?) and Champagne, an anthem to high-end binge-drinking: any song with the word
‘libations’ in it gets my vote. The Kings aren’t afraid to wrong-foot you either, minxes that they are; a name like MonkeyBusiness suggests uptempo jiggerypokery but oh no, it’s a languid ballad and just happens to be one of the stand-out
Again and again, I was struck by the piano virtuosity of Martin Howe as well as Emma Stone’s vitality and sensitivity on sax
and flute (not both at once) but many a good band is let down if the foundations aren’t properly laid; no fears on that score
with Carl Ward-Brassington and Steve Rich both rock-solid (or should that be jazz-and-blues-solid?) on bass and drums
“The Indigo Kings, a totally new band to me, profess to purvey swing and vintage pop and they proved to be highly
entertaining in a rather more frivolous manner. The Kings are far more obviously “entertainers”
Drawing on new album “Contotallyfused” which was released just a week before this show the sextet kicked off with
“Champagne”, an ode to drinking the bubbly stuff with the harmony vocals of Boucher and Cole augmented by instrumental
solos for soprano sax and keyboards.
“He’ll Get What’s Coming To Him”, a hymn of female revenge affected more of a sixties soul sound with the settings on
Howe’s Nord keyboard alternating between organ and piano and with Stone moving back to soprano.
New single “When I Turn Out The Light” was a lively affair with contemporary and somewhat lascivious relics which Boucher
and Cole delivered with an obvious glee as Stone unleashed her tenor sax for the first time.
“Jump Jive Daddy” maintained the energy levels approximating the sound of the Andrews Sisters to the strains of boogie
woogie piano, Blue Note quoting tenor sax and Rich enjoying a series of drum breaks.
The slow blues “Monkey Business”, soulfully sung by Boucher, and “Contotallyfused” itself rounded off an energetic show by
an often wacky but always entertaining band who raided a variety of musical genres and eras to come up with something of
their own, a blend that has won them many fans and something of a cult following. Witty between tunes repartee added to
the package and although not up my usual street I couldn’t deny that I was entertained and generally rather impressed. The
Indigo Kings had risen to the occasion and a glance at their website reveals that they have a busy summer ahead of them
with a number of further festival appearances scheduled. Indeed a festival setting seems to be the natural habitat for this
press –
The Jazz Man review of Cheltenham Jazz Festival Arena show

3rd Album – Wonderland

available NOW

14 tracks of jazz tinged heartbreak and jollity for your delectation and delight

4th and probably final gasp album – Virtually made it


Mega edition with 17 tracks

yet more crazy tear jerking and mild psychosis for the criminally insane



release date 1st December