what’s it all about?

The Indigo Kings was formed in early 2009 by the band’s bass player and songwriter, Symers, with nothing but a ‘war & peace’-sized catalogue of scribbled words about love lost and found and an empty barn with a resident polystyrene alligator. He formed a dedicated band of talented musicians and began wading through his back catalogue of songs. After many gigs and a whole lot of whittling down, an album was released in January 2012, which went to #2 on the Amazon jazz download chart.
The second album, ‘Contotallyfused’ was released in May to coincide with a showcase gig at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival in 2014, followed by a tour to promote the album taking in Manchester, Malborough, Birmingham, Nantwich, Upton and Twinwood along the way.
The music is all original and primarily a mix of jazzy blues and swing, which melds together to make ‘vintage pop’. Not tied to a specific genre, the combination of influences and styles makes for an exciting blend of sounds; Take the boogie piano, blues guitar, funky bass and jazzy drummer and add delicious female vocals to give the sound something completely different.

We call it original jazzy blues

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